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Anonymised is a data anonymisation layer between consumers who want privacy, and advertisers who want to reach them. Our cutting-edge, proprietary technology gives you scale, accuracy and compliance in a privacy-conscious world.

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For Publishers

Cross-Domain Insights

Anonymised offers publishers the ability to identify their audiences across domains and learn about their interests and user experience like never before. Publisher can use this feature for analytics, advertising or subscriptions.

Custom Targeting

Anonymised targeting has no limits: publishers can leverage custom taxonomies, entities, user actions or product pages to enable targeting and retargeting of any segment big enough to safely hide individual users.

Contextual Lookalike

Anonymised empowers publishers to monetise audiences that reject cookies or browse in app. Using consented audiences as ‘seed data’, our ML predicts the interests of unidentified users based on the page they are on.

For Advertisers

Cookieless Targeting

Anonymised’s cross-publisher ID technology allows advertisers to find their target audiences with an unprecedented granularity, leveraging 
up to one year of consent-based, non-sensitive interest and intent data.

Customer Discovery

Anonymised allows advertisers to leverage 
their first party data. Brands can find their own customers across our network of sites or discover new high-propensity consumers using our lookalike technology, and without exposing 
any of their propritary data.


Our platform can count how many members of a segment react to an advertising campaign, and therefore provide accurate measurement 
of a campaign’s effectiveness, without revealing any data of the individuals.

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