An interview with our NEWEST member of the team Pete Emms, Head of Publisher Revenue.

Mattia Fosci

May 29, 2023
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Great companies are made of great people, and the competition to attract the best talent is fierce. As Anonymised looks to grow its footprint across the UK, European and US markets, we’re beyond excited to announce that Pete Emms has joined the team as our new Head of Publisher Revenue. We sat down with Pete to ask him why he chose to joined Anonymised, where he thinks the industry is heading and much more.

What made you decide to join the Anonymised team?

I was impressed with the team and the tech. The opportunity to play a part in helping build a platform which will make the internet a better place for all of its different citizens and stakeholders was one I couldn’t turn down. The team are growing into new areas and I want to play a part in the Anonymised story!

What will be your key areas of focus over the next few months?

My initial focus will be on further publisher recruitment, focussing on the UK market to start. I have been working with publishers for the last 5 years and can see huge potential for the Anonymised solution driving them significant incremental revenue. In 2024, I hope to be able to move on to the advertiser side as well, engaging with brands and agencies to increase the spend we’re seeing across our different audiences.

The industry is fast changing, what are the key trends you are keeping an eye on?

Generative AI is already having a marked impact on the speed and efficiency with which digital products can be built. Whether it be debugging/troubleshooting code, finding the most effective route to reach target customers or testing different marketing messages, the productivity gains that AI offers are already being realised. We’re only just scratching the surface here. The pace of advancement is going to be much faster than everyone thinks.

Outside of the day-job what are you getting up to?

I have two young sons (Xavi who is 3 and Roman who is 18 months) so I spend almost all of my spare time doing stuff with them and my partner Charli - lots of footy, bike riding, forest stomping, den building, playground climbing and, more recently, some tennis and swimming. When I have some time to myself I love to get out running and I’ll happily lose myself in a good non-fiction book if time allows. I’m currently working my way through The Fourth Turning (Strauss and Howe) which is fascinating, if not a little sombre.

Do you have any celebrity encounters?

I’ve drunk a beer with Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age, played (and lost) a game of pool to Orlando Bloom (he’s a Canterbury boy) and stood behind Natalie Imbruglia in Blockbuster (not sure what movie she was renting)!

And finally, what’s something you feel passionate about?

I’m a staunch believer in keeping the internet a free resource that is accessible to everyone. I don’t believe that has to come at a cost to user privacy and protection. The work that Anonymised are doing moves us closer towards a world where that vision can be a reality. We have a lot of work to do but I’m excited to get started..

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