Incremental cookieless reach and performance for a global entertainment brand

Luke Taplin-McCallum

March 11, 2024
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Hoopla are independent specialists in online video, display, mobile, and branded ads. They offer premium environments, exclusive content, and innovative formats for immersive brand experiences across all platforms.


Premium browsers are already cookieless, and 3PC deprecation in Chrome further reduces reach and total campaign effectiveness due to the reduced audience addressability.

Can cookieless technologies reclaim premium audiences, and how does that reach quality compare to 3PCs?


Hoopla Digital built 5 cookieless audiences using Anonymised’s Cross-Site Link and run across cookie-based and cookieless browsers. 

We compared the CTR of Anonymised targeting vs 3PCs within Chrome and Edge.

We then measured the incremental reach of new audiences in cookieless browsers, and the quality of that performance in comparison to the cookie based control group. 


  • A 13% uplift in CTR compared to 3PCs, specifically in cookie-based browsers.
  • An impressive 83% increase in addressable reach, showcasing the effectiveness of cookieless targeting.
  • A notable 28% uplift in CTR when comparing new audiences (such as Safari users) to cookie-based audiences.

These results underscored the efficacy of cookieless technologies in engaging premium audiences, while also highlighting the potential for improved performance compared to traditional 3PC targeting methods.

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