Dentsu X for a premium fashion brand

Mattia Fosci

June 8, 2023
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Dentsu X is global agency network that delivers long-term growth to its clients through fully integrated solutions and best-in-class media, data, technology and content capability. Dentsu X works across the world with global clients and is always on the lookout for innovative technology to help his clients get a better return on investment from their digital advertising campaigns.

The Challenge

Dentsu X was looking for a technology solution to help increase reach and performance in cookieless and ID-less environments, in a privacy-compliant way. It performed a test with Anonymised on a campaign representing a premium fashion brand. The test’s KPIs reflected Dentsu’s overarching goal of delivering a large volume of targeted impressions across all browsers while maintaining a high level of conversions.

The Solution

Dentsu X used Anonymised’s audience platform to created a cross-domain segment with moderate interest in the Style and Fashion category. The segment was created using Anonymised’s natural language processing and on-device machine learning algorithms, which measured interest intensity based of the frequency and recency of a user’s interaction with style and fashion content, as well as the time spent actively reading that content. Dentsu X ran an A/B test campaign with Anonymised targeting people with a moderate to high interest in Style and Fashion and compared the results with those of its premium contextual technology. The campaign was set up on DV360 and across a number of market-leading publishing sites. There was no need for optimisation on either the publisher or agency side.

The Results

With much more granular, reliable, real time audience data and a stable connection to target audiences, Dentsu X reported the following results for its campaign: - Anonymised reached their target number of impressions in under a week, and generally had a higher impression delivery volume than contextual advertising across all browsers - While click-through rate was similar for both technologies, Anonymised delivered 360% more qualified traffic to the advertiser sites than the contextual product - Lead engagement was also markedly better: Anonymised’s leads showed a 30% lower bounce rate on the brand’s landing site, with a 220% increase in the number of pageviews per session and an average session duration 21 times longer than the leads coming from the contextual solution. The Campaign demonstrated Anonymised’s ability to effectively reach a target audiences across cookieless domains with a high level of performance. Encouraged by the results, Dentsu X immediately followed-up with other campaigns and we look forward to delivering value to many more of their clients.

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