Anonymised wins BIG at the prestigious I-COM Data Creativity Awards Evening

Mattia Fosci

May 25, 2023
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We have some exciting news to share with you… The Anonymised team has won The Best Data Startup at the I-COM Data Awards for 2023!

The I-COM Summit is a prestigious, invite-only event that brings together the global data leadership from the biggest and best advertisers in the world - companies like Unilever, Mastercard, General Motors, and all the network agencies.

“I’ve never seen so many senior executives from some of the biggest companies in the world in the same room. It’s basically Davos for marketing data '' said Mattia Fosci, CEO of Anonymised “Over the past few years, we put forward a vision where programmatic advertising is powered by anonymised data instead of personal data. It hasn’t been easy. It’s fantastic to see global advertising leaders not only understand our vision but fully embrace it.”

Recognition from the top advertisers is key to Anonymised’s mission to support publishers in extracting more value from their audiences in a cookieless, privacy-centric way - in 2023 and beyond.

“The last few days have given me even more confidence that we can bring value to publishers from day one. The advertisers are ready, our job now is to articulate the opportunity to our partners in the publishing sector. And we will.”

Advertisers are already amplifying their client results right now through cookieless targeting and customer discovery.

As a publisher, are you ready to provide better audience insights and custom targeting for your inventory?

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